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Homeowner’s Reference Book

  • The perfect Closing Gift
  • The perfect Marketing Tool

The Perfect Closing Gift for your client

Perfect Closing Gift

The Closing Gift is important for the real estate professional to give to their client. Just look around and you will note that many professions provide client gifts.

The Homeowner’s Reference Book is a closing gift idea that brings great value to your client and helps them organize their move, saving them time, money, and frustration. You will learn later in this presentation what value this book will also bring you. Far more value for you and your client than you pay for the book.

Here are some ideas on how your client will use the Homeowner’s Reference Book:

  • “The Homeowner’s Reference Book encourages the new homeowner to truly take ownership of their home by going through and consolidating all the vital information they need to know about their home. Keeping the information well organized and easily accessible.”
  • When your client includes locations of where all their important shutoffs are, and have professional contacts, such as plumbers, electricians, etc., listed in their book, they will know what to do and be more in control during an emergency situation.
  • By adding the current or new paint color formulas in their book, when a wall needs repair, they will know the exact color formula that was used. No more trying to find a used paint can with the formula on top!
  • By using the information in the Homeowner’s Reference Book your client will be better able to determine what they can do themselves, where they might need help, what to do now or possibly wait until later. By following this simple approach and suggestions offered, it will truly save them time, money and frustration.
  • The information they include include is information they will use for many years or as long as they are owners of the home. It will also be a great selling tool when they do wish to sell.
  • Each time the homeowner looks in the book they will remember who provided it to them and know exactly how to contact you.
  • Your client will share this book with family, friends, and even with others that are interested in purchasing a home or selling a home. Your name and contact information is right there in the book for them to share!

As a Marketing Tool for the Real Estate Professional

The Homeowner’s Reference Book is a great marketing tool and brings value to both you and your client. You can customize by adding your business cards in two places in the book. We also provide a free template letter you can download to your own stationery and have as the first page in the book. With this book your business cards and contact information will always be available for your client to use or share with others.

We have had a number of homeowners review this book and some comments we received are:

  • “I would have loved my realtor to have given me this instead of the gift I received.”
  • “If a realtor gave me this book and helped me go through some of it I would never forget him.”
  • “This book is a brilliant idea! My husband and I are going to buy a home soon and I absolutely plan to use it in order to stay organized and efficient.”


We know the Homeowner’s Reference Book will be a great value to you and your client, far more than you pay for the book. We thank you for considering and purchasing the Homeowner’s Reference Book.

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