When your homeowner receives this book from you they will have the tools to feel empowered and in control of their new home. They will find ways to organize important information and you will be the hero! This is what makes it a great closing gift and a great marketing tool.

The book is an easy-to-follow format with 5 Sections included. Section 1 covers 34 different items with a sample of 1 item shown below. In Section 1 they will find important pages to document where their water and gas shutoffs are. There is an “Important Contacts” page from them to include important contact information and directly behind the contacts page is a business card holder where you can include your business card as the first one in the book! Your information will always be at your client’s fingertips to use again or share with others! Section 2 is a great place to store “Major Appliance Information” and “Household Units Information”. Section 3 is for Inside the House – a great place for the homeowner to record paint colors. We even give them a sample on how to use! All this and there is still 2 more sections in the book. One for “Outside the Home” and another for “Final Steps”.

Example from the “Homeowner’s Reference Book”

Example from Homeowner's Reference BookTo give you an idea of what is in the book, here is one actual item from Section 1. There are actually 34 different items included in Section 1 and a total of 5 Sections in the book. All important to know items that can save the homeowner a lot of stress and money now and in the future. Here is the one item we want to share from Section 1. It is about PETS! Those of us who have them – love them!

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